The Yellowknife Badminton Club has been in existence for over 50 years. We have both senior and junior members that are scheduled to play at different times during the week. The club is a not for profit club and depends on volunteers to keep the club running. 

The purpose of the YBC:

  1. Provide an opportunity for all ages in Yellowknife to play badminton;

  2. Provide the opportunity for players to learn, grow and enjoy the sport of badminton;

  3. Encourage and support all badminton players;

  4. and Have fun!

The club encourages a friendly, social atmosphere. Badminton is a great sport that promotes a healthy lifestyle and where people can continually improve their fitness and skill levels. 

The membership to the YBC covers the club’s cost for gym rentals and affiliation with the Northwest Territories Badminton Association, which covers each player with insurance and the allows players to participate in NWT Badminton Association sponsored events. The season typically runs from mid September to mid May.

General Guidelines

  1. 1.At the start of the evening it is expected that all club members will help with setting up nets.

  2. 2.At the conclusion of the evening, the remainder of the members will take down nets and put the equipment back in its proper place

  3. 3.If club members are waiting to play it is expected that all play on the four main courts will be doubles play.

  4. 4.If some wish to play singles, then a fifth court can be set up.

  5. 5.When there are club members waiting to play, those on the court should generally spend no more than five minutes warming up prior to starting their game.

  6. 6.Once the game is completed, please quickly vacate the court in order for the waiting members to utilize the court.

  7. 7.Games are informal, and those waiting to play should organize who is playing on the next court.